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Unique Features of RPG AIO:

- Create an entire game, start to finish writing a total of zero lines of code
- Contains over 20 features and systems featured in well known RPG games like Skyrim, Diablo and Final Fantasy (see below)
- Customise all features of your created RPG through included EditorWindows and UI
- Customise calculations, create cutscenes and events and write dialog using the Node System
- All code and required assets : Under 20mb! (Excl. included demo)
- Video tutorials coming soon and plenty of support available (Email below)
- In the future, you can download game templates from the website (coming soon)

Feature Breakdown

Robust Save Load System Handles saving player data, position and state of world objects, game settings as well as global user data
Customisable Stats (Attributes, Vitals, Statistics and Traits) Attributes for stats like Strength, Dexterity, Vitality. Vitals for Health, Mana, Energy etc. Statistics can be used for things like % Resistances. And finally Traits can be used for stats similar to Sword Mastery, Dual-Wield Mastery etc. All usable when doing combat and damage calculations.
Versatile Skill System AOE, Projectile, Melee, Aura, Ability, Talents, Status Effects and Traits. Aura's can latch onto friendly npcs, projectiles can cast an AOE ability on hit, status effects can cancel other status effects or even make a target more susceptible to a certain style ( think Arcane, Magic, Normal) of ability.
Cutscenes RPGAIO allows you to create an entire cutscene without writing a single line of code by leveraging our powerful node editor!
Advanced Quest System Multiple quest condition types supported as well as supporting quest chains. You can have a quest with conditions that must be completed one after another. And then add custom conditions into the mix, with a bonus condition for more rewards and a final condition once all other conditions have been met. You can also limit which classes can accept the quest as well as other requirements.
Inventory System Our inventory has a multitude of item types including the standard Weapons, Apparel and Consumables as well as books (text, audio and picture); all with a large array of customization options.
NPC System Includes dialog, allied npc and reputations. We already have NPCs with customisable dialog, and the ability to be friendly or unfriendly towards an NPC based on there and your reputation. NPCs can even fight other NPCs based on the same reputation system!
Detailed Loot System We support per-monster loot as well as loot tables which can be applied to groups of enemies. We have a few loot options including: Guareenteed loot (loot which an enemy/npc will always drop) as well as Percentage based loot (loot an enemy has a chance to drop) and Loot tables, which are re-usable loot setups which many enemies can use, defining the chance to drop items you specify: e.g. a rare drop table and a common drop table which is reused by all enemies in the game.
Achievements system RPGAIO includes an achievement system which is also configured using our powerful node editor!
Harvesting System Harvesting materials to use for crafting or for quests is also included in RPGAIO. You can take your game models such as tree's, ore deposits, jars etc, and allow it to provide the player materials.
Crafting System (Including dismantling) Our detailed crafting system allows you to craft items based on different requirements such as materials, player level or requiring a trait (e.g. Crafting Mastery) to be a certain level. It also supports dismantling items for materials, and specifying which tier an item falls under to know which tier dismantles into which item(s). All of this is fully customizable.
Vendor System Buy and sell items by speaking to an NPC and opening a vendor window! The option is also available to have different vendors for different NPCs, and even reuse 'standard' vendor shops across NPCs.
ToolTip system for items Our UI (Based on the new Unity UI) , also supports tool-tips for all items!
Control System RPGAIO also includes a custom control system, which allows for remapping of controls ingame.‚Äč
Customisation! Your entire game is fully customisable using the power of RPGAIO. More features will definitely follow in the future as this is a framework I'll be using to develop my own RPG games. Any suggestions, queries or questions, please feel free to get in touch: