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RPGAIO Workshop - Live Stream Q & A Event
Hi all,

Over the past couple weeks there have been a lot of questions regarding RPGAIO and how, put simply, to get things to work! RPGAIO, in my opinion, is designed to be the simplest way to implement RPG mechanics, but at the same time, allow the freedom to create a unique game the way you want to - which means sometimes thing can be complex to understand when starting out.

What I have in mind is a Workshop Event which I can run for a few hours and answer any questions you guys have. This will be helpful as I can show you live and in real-time, how to implement features such as quests, items, dynamic NPC dialog, events, cutscenes or anything you want! Maybe you just want to ask what I plan to add to RPGAIO next or suggest a cool idea, it will simply be an easy way to chat to me, the developer, first hand and get a response right away!

If there is interest in a workshop like this, please post below. If there is enough demand for this sort of thing I will begin setting it up and we can then discuss the time and date for the first one.

Let me know what you think, and I've also put a poll up regarding which start time you would prefer.

Kind Regards,
LogicSpawn (Dextero Solutions)

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