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tutorial series
Good evening, I will continue that tomorrow and Wednesday.
live your dreams don't dream your life.
Ok thanksWink
Much respect Heldwind,

Thank you so much for making these tutorial videos.
RPGAIO has grown a lot since early last year.

Also Good work Logic, thanks for your continued development of RPGAIO!
Good evening, I think the basics are now reviewed, I'm going to make more in deeper video now
If you have any questions or special requests, please to let me know.
live your dreams don't dream your life.
Hey @heldwind can you do a video for loading screens?
Hi how about a mount tutorial for horses? Is that possible?
When I click on the video links I just get a black video with an exclamation point in a circle. As if the video is bad or something like that. Can others view these videos still?
@magique huh, he deleted them all.

why did you do delete them ?
they load fine for me
Yeah, seems to be working me now as well. Maybe it was just temporarily down.

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