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Getting Started Tutorials for Update 1.5.1
Hi Everyone,

I've just recorded over 2 hours of new tutorial footage for RPGAIO 1.5.1 in response to community feedback, just need to finish editing these and they should be uploaded today.

Topics covered include:
- Importing assets (characters, scene and icons)
- Importing RPGAIO
- Setting up a player character with character customisation (mecanim)
- Setting up an enemy with loot (mecanim)
- Setting up a NPC with dynamic dialogue (using custom variables)
- Creating items, creating a Vendor shop
- Quest creation
- Skill creation
- Interactable object with event (drops item for a quest)
- Visual flexibility of RPGAIO: Image effects

This along with the great tutorials Heldwind has been producing should get you started and be enough until we release 2.0 and newly written documentation:

Once the videos are edited and uploaded I will update this post.
Sounds great! Looking forward to the videos!
thank you
improbable !! I learned something new by watching your videos, thank you !
live your dreams don't dream your life.
Here's the thread with all the videos and the youtube playlist link:
I just watched the videos and they are really good!!!
Thank you Logic for remaking these, along with Heldwind videos,
this should help people a lot :-)

Its gona rock!!! RPGAIO is coming along really well, I think.

Looking forward to version 2 :-)

Really good work, and with all the plans, RPGAIO will soon be the best seller
in it's class in UAS, Due to the work of Logicspawn

Amassing work, still lots that could be done, but this will be a very good base
to work from.

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