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Quick Update on 2.0 and Past Weeks
Hi all,

I'll just be completely honest and update you all on what's happening. Lots of people have been asking when Update 2.0 will be coming out when we can expect more information etc. Estimating these times isn't an easy task, and sometimes estimations don't pan out and take longer than expected. Over the last two weeks, I have been extremely busy for two reasons: 1. I have been moving house and setting up everything has taken a lot of time out of my schedule. And 2. Working on 2.0 and integrating the work from the team I have been partnering with to deliver you additional content free of charge including character models, animations and more.

Going forward I will no longer be announcing things too ahead of schedule and instead announce them on the days leading up to it instead when everything is practically ready - what I've done in the past hasn't always worked out and most recently has resulted in two 2-star reviews which have negatively impacted my asset dropping it down to a 4-star rating and impacting sales. For the longevity of RPGAIO this is not a good thing, so I'll be taking steps to avoid this in the future by sticking to stricter timeframes that I announce closer to the time. I still wholeheartedly believe in what I'm doing with RPGAIO and how much better it will be after 2.0, so I kindly ask if you haven't already left a review to consider leaving one as this will help RPGAIO out.

Again, I apologize for the lack of an update - sometimes I get too caught up in work and trying to get things finished ASAP. 

From Monday next week, I will be back at 100% starting with releasing a preview of the new character and camera controllers. After this, there will be further previews for the new UI, improved saving, new AI systems, third-party character/camera controller support and everything else. Then sometime after that will be the release of 2.0.

Finally, as mentioned above I won't be announcing a date for RPGAIO 2.0's release, but I promise you all we are almost there and once the previews start rolling out it should renew your interest!
All good to me. Though you might want to use this very response as need verbatim to reviews on the asset store. Better from you.
For me my original reviews will stay. I gave 5 star because when I bought the asset it was already amazing. I don’t change reviews unless it’s buggy from the beginning. RPGAIO has been and is still an amazing asset whether the 2.0 update comes or not. Logic thank you for this asset. As a artist aspiring to become a full developer I have learned a lot and have gone far with my ideas using your asset.
Hi and thank you for you message. I think we all trust in you and we all know that's RPGAIO is not an eassy task, and I think that you are alright to take the time you need. It is just that sometime we wanted some little news (not a date of release), just some news... And now we had one, so it's ok ! Keep faith and it's all going on !
Take your time, we need best tool you can do. if you finish a one feature, make a video, and share us! that will be good Smile

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