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Player animations don't play at all
Don't worry!
I got it working - not sure how though...


This is a problem that I have had since starting to play with RPGAIO a couple of weeks ago.
I can't get any of the Player animations to play!
Sad Sad Sad

Walking, running, combat, the player just remains in the default pose.

I'm reporting this as a bug because, after trying everything else, I have also gone into the source to try to figure it out (in the '/Beta/NewImplementation/' scripts)
It looks like the Player animations are not being pushed to the action queue in the RPGController.

Since no one else has mentioned it I assume this is a recent bug (1.5.2 which is the first version i downloaded - I didn't upgrade from a previous version)
And I'm using Unity 2018.2

Initially I ignored this problem it while I was learning the configuration - assuming that I had made a mistake.

Anyway I have gone through the tutorials over and over again and recreated the player character several times each without success.

Oh, and enemies do play animations correctly, which is weird

Of course it could always just be my configuration.
If anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear them!
Ok, after fiddling around a bit more the player animations started working....
Not sure what I did though...


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