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Giving an NPC an item and comparing.
Hi! Been working on the intro to my game and am nearly ready for gameplay! I need to do an important test next. 

So basically I want the player to be given a contract to craft an item. The description is vague so they have to interpret the order and get as close as possible to desired item. 
Meaning, you can give the NPC any item and the game rewards you based on how close to the desired item was. 
My question is, how can I allow the player to give an npc any item? Is that possible using the toolkit?
To just let the player click on an item and 'give' it? Then the game makes some comparisons.

Could I have an event run on item use to check and see if the player is next to a customer? Then run a quick dialogue "are you sure?" And then make the comparisons?

Okay, most of this works. I just don't know how to let the game know which item is being given without making a unique event for every item on-use
Wound up making a unique event for an on-use of each item.
This is a cumbersome way of handling it, but the game is fairly small so it should work fine.

The comparison works by having 2 variables.
Customer desired item
Customer acceptable tier

Customer desired item is merely the exact item the npc wants.

Customer acceptable tier is the seperation of craftable items into similar types.
So if the item is close enough to what they wanted, they recieve a lower reward.
If the item does not fall into either variable, the player gets no money.

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