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Update on RPGAIO 2.0
You think your response is going to bring him out of hiding and produce your fix for you? Don't bet on it. I e-mailed him and even offered to help finish 2.0 with him and also sent in code snippets for updated features to improve the product. Did I even get a response? Nope. When he decides to go into hiding, he doesn't budge. You might try just making the project in 2017 and then loading it into 2018. That gets around the issues when importing directly into 2018. I did it and was running on 2018 just fine.
I warned all of you and you wanted to talk shit to me. But look at you now, you now sound like me. Don't you feel stupid right now for not listening, defending this looser and trying to talk shit to me? Your answer should be yes. And no it is not just the fact he doesn't communicate. The biggest problem is he NEVER delivers. The only thing he delivers is excuses. Why? Cause he doesn't know what he is doing. This will never be a success due to his unprofessional bullshit. Those who think it is a powerful tool as it is, well they are non programmers who don't know how to do things themselves. They are amateurs. There is nothing good or promising with this project/plug in. There are far better products available on unity asset store like UMMORPG to name one. It is in the same price rang as this one. Now if you want a top of the line it will cost you $500, called Atavism 2018.2 OP Standard. But there are many other options on the asset store going from $40 and up. If anyone needs help choosing a better plug in, or scripting help, or 3d model help, whatever it may be, feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help. I believe all should have the opportunity to build their dream. my email is and my facebook is .
I don't believe it's a matter of rather Logic is capable of building 2.0 the way he promised. In fact, I expect that it's probably already finished and shelved for a later date. Why do I think that? Well, Logic made it pretty clear that he didn't reach the number of sales he desired. That means releasing it now would mean a free upgrade for anyone who currently owns the asset. And I know, that was the point and what was promised, but is anyone aware of the stunt ORK Framework pulled last month? They wanted more money and decided that current users should pay a yearly fee for any upgrades. This all happened under the radar. They worked out a method with the asset store to depreciate every version over a few months old. Now if you want to upgrade through the asset store, it will cost you another hundred dollars. and of course, Unity gets a cut, so they really don't care. And if it's done the way Unity directs, no one gets a refund.

So what's going to happen with RPGAIO? Well, if people read the latest reviews and forum posts, many potential new customers will turn away. Sales, (and potential refunds/ free upgrades) will diminish. The current version will then depreciate and a brand new one will hit the asset store. And again, Unity profits form these sales, so they won't side with angry customers. So just give it a few months and decide then if you're willing to give 2.0 a try--at a price.

Maybe you are right, but I will not pay for an upgrade with this dev, he don't know how to give support or communicate with his clients! the only thing he knows is how to lie and how to remove topics from a forum if he don't like them.

I bought Game Creator and that is a really good asset, the dev is very responsive and a friendly Discord channel plus a RPG module on the way!
I think some developers will be able to charge some kind of yearly fee, or something like that.. as long as they are
reasonable in what they are asking... BUT it willl come at a cost... if people have to pay every year for upgrades ..
then as sure as heck .. I would be asking for way more support then I do and I would be demanding that
bugs get fixed .. like right away .. if you have to pay for basically ensuring that a asset will work in the
latest version of unity.,... then they might find that they will loose their customer base...

To my way of thinking these " updates/upgrades once a year are artificial , meaning it is a subscription in
disguise.. and I for one, will only support the developers I like and TRUST in that case.

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