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Try these custom Combat nodes
Hi everyone

I have created some custom Combat nodes to add some functionality that I needed.
You can try them out and see what you think.
The class files are attached to this post.

Important: You need to change the file extensions to ".cs" (I had to upload them with the extension ".txt" because ".cs" files are not accepted)

Even More Important:
Backup your GameData just in case something goes wrong and corrupts your configuration. 
I did this to myself accidentally while making them - lucky I always backup  Dodgy 
If it happens to you, I apologise...delete the new node files from your project and restore your GameData backup. You might not be able to use them, sorry.

Choose Player Weapon
This node checks the current Player weapon (main hand or offhand) to determine the next path.
Each Weapon Type has its own next node path, it should work with any number of Weapon Types but I didn't try to find if there is a maximum number.
I am using it to have different combat bonuses based on the weapon type.

Player Weapon Type Check
This node allows you to compare the players weapon type against the selected type with a True or False path.
This is basically a fixed version of the Main and Offhand Weapon Type Check nodes that don't currently work.
The fix for those is minor, but I thought I'd combine the functions into a separate node to avoid problems if the original nodes are updated.

How To Install
You can install these nodes by placing the class files in your project.
In my case I created a new folder called 'Custom' in this location: Assets/RPGAIO/Scripts/RPGMaker/Nodes/Custom
You can put them somewhere else if you like ... but I didn't test it.

*Don't forget to change the extension*


Attached Files
.txt   ChoosePlayerWeapon.txt (Size: 3.12 KB / Downloads: 7)
.txt   PlayerWeaponType.txt (Size: 1.81 KB / Downloads: 6)
cool, thanks
So the "require weapon type" for skills doesn't work either... If you want to take a crack at that > >
(10-12-2018, 08:48 AM)Wrofir Wrote: Nice!
So the "require weapon type" for skills doesn't work either... If you want to take a crack at that > >

I haven't really got into Skills yet
If I get a chance I'll have a look at it though...

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