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psuedo hitbox, AI ideas, Notes
Hey... I had this idea of creating a bit more dynamic combat with a work around that uses short, fast projectiles and a melee attack animation to create hitboxes. Also to get around the legacy animations limitations, of perhaps having an event run that is timed to the animation and 'pushes' the player character X distance, and shoves the enemy back on hit... So you'd have a pseudo action rpg...
I'm currently using projectiles for pretty much everything. Even AOE is a large, immobile projectile.

The downside is I don't think this works with the default attack. It'd only work with skills.

Going to try this out soon, but I'm currently working on questing/cutscenes and making sure that all works first.

Second Idea :

Simulating dynamic AI by having skills that run a "move NPC" after spawning a movement game object. So essentially you could have a "retreat" skill that generates a node behind the NPC that they will then move to as their action. This way AI will do more than move-to and attack with current version.
Will also test this idea soon.

Other notes :
I'm inclined to ditch the default melee attacks anyway... With skills I can add delays so people can't animation cancel like you can with default. If you move during an attack animation it will cancel the animation in favor of movement. I really want to find a way to prevent that.
Also AI have a hefty delay between attacks and movement/ updating their pathing. Which can be easily exploited. I currently have no solution to this. They can be easily outran, even if they are faster, and have ranged attacks.
Psuedo hitbox idea didn't work. It's vaguely possible, but any movement cancels the matter how i did the animation, getting it to play fast enough to match the 'hitbox' didnt work.

The AI moving to generated points looks like it will work just fine. Set a skill that runs an event to move to a game object that is parented to the enemy, had no troubles with it.

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